Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Book Series Author: Joel A. Alvarez!

20 year old Book Series Author Joel A. Alvarez, is your average kid (or perhaps not so average). 
He considers himself a professional whistler, master smoothie-maker and ofcourse writer. He lives in Miami with his mother, two sisters and a cat who has an unusual obsession with feet. Since elementary school, Joel has been writing utter nonsense about his thoughts and the world. After realizing he had a talent for bringing ideas to life on paper, Joel gathered up the strength and courage to begin writing his first book. And that ladies and gentlemen, was how Imaginary Friend was born.

Name of series: The Losslahnd [Lossland] Chronicles

Name of Book: Imaginary Friend

Book synopsis:

      Danny Kardon wasn't sure what to say when twelve year old Darren Marbury was murdered. He wasn't sure what to think when he saw him riding his bike to school the next day. And when his little sister was kidnapped, he was absolutely positive that something terrible was happening. 
    Then one night, he is visited by a stranger who promises to take him to his sister, and vanishes from earth completely, to a brooding, dark wonderland where all things forgotten exist. Things that Danny didn't even think were possible. 
     It is here, that he finally draws closer to finding his sister, solving the mystery of his neighbors murder and discovering a secret that would change his life forever.

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