Thursday, November 15, 2012

The FMFL Premier 11/14/12

Last night was the Premier of Flea Market Finish Line. 
A film in which I had the pleasure to participate in along a great cast and crew. 
A year ago yesterday was when we first starting shooting, and completed all the takes a week later. It was a long and hard-working week, but I believe it was all worth it after seeing the outcome last night. I was shocked at seeing myself on screen as always, it never fails, I can't seem to get used to seeing my own work. The feeling is not such described as embarrassment, but somewhat as a shy feeling. Shy because there's so people cherishing your work and supporting you, while you're here like a simple humble human being such as them, not knowing what to respond to their praise but mere gratitude. To think that so many people have been watching what has been created by dedicated work both on my part and the rest of the cast/crew.. It is utterly most appreciated. 

After this film was shot I went through a great change. Not only appearance wise, also as an entertainer. It has been a year and I've been going through a roller coaster in an over all general sense. Some say things happen for a reason or perhaps because of something you did, but I believe otherwise, things happen as a consequence of something you did not do. Try to wrap your mind around that, haha.

Now back to the film. Thus far it has been nominated and won as best film (as well as best actress) at a Film Festival known as LDUB in 
Lake Worth , FL. The film has been requested to be in other festivals, in hope to keep doing big things!

A big THANK YOU to all who came out last night. Much love.

Until later buddies. This is Sasha Marina signing off.