Saturday, December 22, 2012

Episode 10 of "What Girls Think!" @GirlsThinkTV #WhatGirlsThinkCrew

    This unique talk show features teen girls and young women from different cities and cultural backgrounds discussing important and fun topics of interest to young people.  They've never met in person -- but convene "virtually" each week using web technology.  
WHAT GIRLS THINK! features the following panelists:
Tryneal Addison
(St. Paul, MN) - Host / Moderator

Abbie Emmons (Columbus, OH) - Panelist

Cassidy Smith (Houston, TX) - Panelist

Sasha Marina (Miami, FL) - Panelist

Tweety Elitou (Philadelphia, PA) - Panelist

Guest teens from anywhere in the world can also participate.  
More information is available on the official WHAT GIRLS THINK! website at:

EPISODE 10Link to Episode 10

    1.  Dealing with Peer Pressure
    2.  My Dream Career

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