Saturday, February 16, 2013

Miami Nightlife: The Untold Story

Opening Night

It’s a Friday night, time is 11:30 at night, you and your friends are heading to the club for a night out of partying. What you don’t know is that the DJ who is opening is probably already there. Opening dj’s have to get to the club typically between two hours to an hour before their set to ensure all equipment is working correctly. Now, although the opening DJ might not catch the eyes of many he is the first person to set your mood for the night. Think about it! You just walked in, got a drink, and now you’re getting ready for a night of partying so you’re listening to what I like to call “warming up” music. Music you can two step to but not get too pumped up. Personally, I want you to have a roller coaster like experience where you get your ups and downs in the club because if you just get the up you’ll get tired quicker and the room will die down. No dj wants his room dying. It’s an art form all in itself. Many of you now are probably thinking “Man that sounds EASY! Anyone can do it!” Wrong. There is much more to djing than song selection. You have to mix music together. What that means is ensuring one song fades out into a new song without you (the general public) noticing. Not just any two songs though, they have to have the same Beat Per Minute speed and have similar drum patterns. Now that its around 12:30/1 AM The Headliner DJ steps in and begins his set! The crowds going wild! But what most of you don’t know is that he’s on his A game, giving it 200% of what hes got to make sure the crowd (you) have a great time! Now I’ll be honest, I hate but absolutely HATE it when people come up to me and make requests that are completely left field! If you see that I’m playing some Mainstream music that everyone or just about everyone has heard and likes don’t ask me to play your “boys” track on a “cd” cause you say its crazy and everyone will jam to it. If I were to play it, you and your boy would be the only people dancing besides the couple of pastilleros that are usually there. C’mon pipo! Think! Also, I don’t mind girls coming up to the DJ booth and dancing, hell I love that! But a DJ booth full of Guys? I pass. If you got drinks in your hand make sure they stay in your hand and not around my equipment because if you spill it you pay it. Well this concludes my session for Today! Next Article’s gonna be about My opinion on the “EDM” Scene of today! 

Stay tuned and as Always, Stay Classy Miami!