Friday, May 17, 2013

Help Ginnungagap Film Werks achieve their goal! @ginfilm

We need your help to make Temple of Joy better than Planet X.  To accomplish this we need an investment for a better visual processor package.  That can be accomplished for around $3000 dollars.  It will allow us to produce visuals at least 50% faster.  The extra time available to design means better sets, graphics and visual effects overall.  Can you see where this conversation is going?

Securing locations, enhanced wardrobe, paid cast and crew, props, permit fees, marketing, festivals, set construction, and catering are all reasonable expenses to support a more enhanced you.  That is the point.  Many of you are in the film and we still have numerous slots to fill for the remaining 4 acts.  All we ask is if you can put in anything from 2 dollars to 200 million dollars, any amount will help.  

Most of all share it with your friends and include the suggestion to “support you”.  You complete this task once a week and see how it will make a difference.  I will provide facebook photos. The more action, dialogue and effects we can have.  The better the film the better you will look in the film. 

Of course when using math it sums far more than 1500, and you are right.  It is more, but that is where you come in.  If we are to make independent film, we have to rely on the independent community to help us make a great film.  Below is a link to the kickstarter which was released early this morning.  Feel free to provide feedback.

In addition, we have a special news program Sunday on a very popular radio show.  If you are interested in discussing your experience while producing Planet X, Temple of Joy and a new project you are working on please send me an email and contact number before Friday 4PM.  

Kickstarter: The Temple of Joy