Sunday, June 2, 2013

Artist & Actor @BillynaireCruz

Billynaire Cruz was born December 14th, 1984 in Honduras city of la Ceiba but was raise in South Central Los Angeles to mother Isabel Bardales and father Faustino Cruz. Hustling was Billynaire's escape from reality as he dealt with difficult times throughout his childhood. At the young age of seventeen he went thru probation, house arrest, and was lock up in jail twice. But not even the system could stop his reputation thru his street fame, money, power, and respect.
In 2005 he wrote his first gospel song which was the foreground for his innovative ideas expressed through his music. When Billynaire was in his house he joined forces with two of his family members Leo Cruz (Maniac) and Leo Bardales (Stitch) created their group “G.O.D (Godoverdemons)”. Billynaire continued co-producing music at Twenty years old while still pursuing his dream to be a Rapper.

In April 2006 “G.O.D” recorded their first demo. Billynaire co-produced and co-wrote all the songs on their album, titled “It's G.O.D and he loves you”.
 In November 2007 “G.O.D” recorded their first album. Billynaire co-produced and co-wrote all the songs on their album, titled “De Muerte a Vida”. De Muerte a Vida Album was released nationwide
in 2008 While promoting their De Muerte a Vida album, Billynaire showcased his talent through international and national shows such as Alma vision, Telemundo, Time Warner Cable, Ktla Channel 5,Xtreme TV, Channel 62, Vida TV, Cordero TV, Alfa y Omega, Radio Nueva Vida, and many more. There Album was play all through the United States, intern from the heart of Los Angeles to clear beaches of Miami.

In 2011 Billynaire decided to partner up with different ministries to create the biggest Christian movement which was called "Blue diamond" which brings you their first Group album titled “Stop the Legalism”

In 2012 Billynaire decided to become a solo artist. As a result, Billynaire now brings you his first solo single titled “I Prayed”.
Billynaire is now a model, actor, and recording artist and the C.E.O of Blue Diamond Life Music. He is currenty working on  his Album releasing soon. Coming out in a movie called "Poker" and many other projects.

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