Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Interview with LYFE Management Founder/ CEO Jay Wray - @JayWray08

Don't let this picture fool you. Mr. Wray might seem like just a simple muscician in this point of view...

Jay Wray is C.E.O. of LYFE Management Group; a Business Development, Advertising/Marketing & Event Management/Planning Firm. He is a Golden Panther, Florida International University graduate. Jay became an Educator & an Administrator for the 4th Largest School District & for over 10 years where he was Rookie Teacher of the Year '98 and on the Florida's Speakers Bureau '98. After that, he migrated his talents in many aspects of his Business and Musical Talents. His passion is using his gifts to further charitable causes.
Mr. Wray is also a Professional Saxophonist, Television Producer/Host (LYFE TV), Clothing Designer. Jay Wray is basically a "Renaissance Man."

Check out the interview with Jay on The Sasha Marina Show
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