Thursday, September 26, 2013

Interview w/ Harley Souza - Actor, Author, & Fitness Coach #TheSashaMarinaShow #BlogTalkRadio

    Harley Souza born June 5, 1987 in Newark New Jersey. This young man was born into a hardworking middle class family. He had a passion for music ever since he was small. He would go into the kitchen and grab his moms pots and pans and bang them. Later in his life Harley met his father who was coincidentally a musician. His dad Odimar Souza was and still is a drummer/vocalist from a very popular Brazilian Band back in the 90's called Brazilian Energy. Harley Grew up with the love for musicians and actors from TV it wouldn't be long until he developed the habit, skills to get into the music world. As he grew up he was influenced by Biggie, Tupac, Eminem, and many Brazilian rappers from Brazil. Harley keeps pushing on as he got older his talent grew with him. He started to perfect his style and get into battles with friends that helped him become a stronger person when he lost. Harley also released Three mix tapes during high school  The names of them were Getting to the Next Level, Back For More,  and This Means war Mix tape  Harley's Talent will take this young man far into the future and beyond. 
"I have Released to Demos one in English and the other in my Native Language. I am a person that is on a mission to be one of the greatest. I thank my father everyday for helping me come into this world, and become the talented young man that I am becoming." 
His other Alias include Zeus, and Harvey Bruce.

Don't forget his movie Release of "What Lies Beyond" Premier October 27th


IMDb: Harley Souza
Twitter: @IamHarley
Souncloud: HarlB

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