Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Interview with Carlos Soto by @SashaMarina #TheSashaMarinaShow

The Man with Many Hats
By Sasha Marina

   1) You are the Founder and CEO of “LAST LAUGH INC.” correct? Tell me when did you create this brand?

-          Yes owner and creator of Last Laff Inc. It all started back in 2004 as a car club just "Last Laff" I had a couple of friends and told them i wanted to come up with a car club and if they wanted to be on board with it. Since then it took off and little by little it was taken to the next step until what it is today broken down into different "branches" of the company and it keeps expanding.

2) What was your idea behind “LAST LAUGH INC.” when you first created it?

-          First idea i mainly had was that i needed a name that would stand out and made an impact when others could see it. All my life i have been rejected and turn down in many ways possible, "friends", family, teachers and random people but i have always been a strong individual who can stand up for myself no matter what. I wanted the car club (at the time) to be different and allow people who can relate to be part/join the team. Mainly to prove them wrong in a positive way

3) “LAST LAUGH INC.” also has a Magazine. What is the Magazine about? How many issues have been released to this date?

-          Yes after the car club started back in 2004 i took it to another step that no other car club did, in 2005 i started an online magazine then later in the same year i took the online magazine into production and printed the 32 page first issue of last laff called "from nothing to something" it made some local noise and everyone within the car club scene took notice of it. After that more issues began to be released, until today we have done 7 issues that features custom cars, video games and comic hero reviews.

4) Your company also has a yearly event called “HERO HYPE CON,” what is the purpose of this event?

-          We have done past events but mainly car shows, "The Hero Hype Con" is a new event that we want it to stand out on its own. I have gone to other events and don't get me wrong, i enjoy them and all but I still feel that they are missing something to it, the Hero Hype Con is a fun event where you can come out and be a hero for the day. You can be a good or bad character at the hero hype, that's why the theme speaks for itself. We all work so hard and life is stressful at it is, we want our event to be FUN for everyone that comes out. It's hard to say but you should come out and experience this event in person and you will see that it's a different and fun.

5) Your website shows that you also own a clothing line named “Still Standing Clothing.” What is the status of your clothing line?

-          Yes Still Standing Clothing is our brand that we have released; it's more of an urban style type of clothing line. At the moment we have some t-shirts out and have more designs and styles on the way, just keep updated to our website for updates.

 6) “LAST LAUGH INC.” currently has an Online Show. What is it about, and what is its current production status?

-          Yes, Last Laff Magazine Online Show is about interviewing artist of all kind such as music, film, art, video games, comic books, and event/show coverage . We have a few episodes and we are working on the next season, check back often for updates.

7) Are there any other current or upcoming endeavors you’d like to share with your followers?

  -       Yes, Last Laff Inc is working hard and putting more things together for you to enjoy. We are                  working on more events, more merchandise and other special plans, just keep tuned to our                            YouTube channel and other social sites for details and updates.

Websites: www.theherohypecon.com & www.lastlaffmagazine.com
YouTube: Lows305
FB: The Hero Hype Con / Last Laff Inc.