Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Indie Comedy Filmmaker Matt Brookens (@MBrookens) on #TheSashaMarinaShow #BlogTalkRadio

Matt Brookens is a Writer/ Director from Springfield, Illinois. His short horror/comedy, Death by a Thousand Pups is playing as part of the Mock Shock Block, at the ShockFEST Film Festival, January 11th at 5pm PST.

Indie Films by Matt Brookens:

Death by a Thousand Pups (2013)- 4 min. Horror. 1 fest

Metaphors (2013) - 3 min. Music video for Signal Vex

Guitar Party Nightmare (2010)- 7 min. Dark Comedy.1 award, 3 fests.

Man vs Survival (2010)- 4 min. Comedy. post production

The Art of Pain (2008)- 90 min. Dark Comedy. 3 awards, 13 fests. National Distribution. Netflix.

Skunk Ape!? (2005)- 30 min. Horror Comedy. 4 awards, 9 fests, Troma Entertainment Dist.

Son of Roni (2005) - 12 min. Comedy. 1 award. 1 fest.

Roni vs. Lincoln (2004)- 8 min. Comedy. 1 award, 6 fests

Of Bass and Men (2002)- 12 min. Comedy. 1 award, 4 fests

The Rubber Pool Movie (2001) - 80 min. Comedy. 1 award. 3 fests.

Website: about.me/MattBrookens
FB: Matt Brookens, Filmmaker
YouTube: MattBrookensDirect
Vimeo: Matt Brookens

Film: Death by a Thousand Pups

Tune into Matt's Interview on "The Sasha Marina Show" Thursday, January 16th at 11pm EST / 8pm PST!