Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Interview with Hip Hop Music Diva Nappy Tee (NappyTee1) on #TheSashaMarinaShow

Nappy Tee, also known as, the "New Jersey Born, West Coast, Dirty South Chick up in this click", is a Hip Hop music diva who writes, raps, sings, and performs. Anyone who appreciates music knows that "It's all in the mix". Listening to music by Nappy Tee is like having fried chicken with caviar, rich with soulful and bold flavor, juicy and sweet, and addictive and easy to ingest. That's what Nappy Tee calls "Booshetto", a special blend of "booshie" and ghetto. Mix music from 'the streets' with music from 'the suites' and you know the result is the rhymes that Nappy Tee is picking from her 'fro.

Nappy Tee's first independent album is titled Celebrity Waitress. This name came
about because there's one thing Nappy Tee learned from being a waitress: "leadership is service"; and Nappy Tee is always willing to serve.
People would ask her to take photos with them while she was working as a waitress to
pay her bills even though she had appeared on national television as a reality TV star.

Before reinventing herself , Nappy Tee was known by many as "Sweetie" from the first season of Flava of Love, given that name by former "Public Enemy" rapper Flava Flav. She has also performed on America's Got Talent.

Nappy Tee has also had acting roles and music placements in feature films, including Soul Plane with the song "Tilt Ya Fitted", Epic Movie, and Save the Last Dance 2. Models have walked the catwalk on America's Next Top Model to Nappy Tee's music.
She also had had music placements on The Shield and Soul Food: The Series television shows.

Nappy Tee has performed on stage in concert at numerous venues in the Hollywood area, including Key Club, Viper Room, and The Cat Club to name a few. 

FB: NappyTee
Twitter: @NappyTee1
Website:  www.NappyTee.com

For bookings:

Manager: Ed Magik
Management Company: Talent Success Network
Telephone: (323) 632-2800

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