Monday, February 24, 2014

Interview with Vintage Jazz Singer/ Songwriter @Minna_Valentine on #TheSashaMarinaShow!

Minna Valentine aka Minna Valance is an American singer-songwriter born and raised in Southern California. Although, she was raised here in LA as a true "California Girl", Minna does not really fit into the stereo type of the blonde haired, golden skinned, cutie. Instead, her red hair and fair complexion emanate more of a classic beauty while she carries herself with the elegance and grace of some of Hollywood's most memorable icons.

Minna has always walked to the beat of her own drum which was first noted when she began styling her own clothes at only 3 years old. She began dancing and taking gymnastics at age six and her love for singing on stage began at age 9 when she joined a local youth theater group called "Shenanigans". Within a year she was asked to join their travel cast and began touring all over California and surrounding areas performing over 52 shows per year.
The group performed full production musical numbers of top 40 hits as well as many different traditional plays and musicals. During that time, Minna also performed with Kids on Broadway.

At around age 16, Minna began writing songs and recording in different pre-production studios to gain more experience on the production side of the business. By age 19 she was awarded Pop Artist of the year in the Los Angeles Music Awards. Shortly thereafter, Minna
joined forces with her younger sister Millie to perform in a Pop/Rock variety show called "The
Minna and Millie Show". Minna and Millie performed at many different venues around Los Angeles including The Beverly Hills Hilton and The Hollywood and Highland Center!

Minna enjoyed performing with her sister in the family friendly variety show until a serious ankle injury left her unable to dance in the shows high energy musical numbers.
Minna's inability to perform one of her favorite activities, dance, along with the heartbreaking event of calling off her engagement with her fiance at the time, caused her to fall into a
depression. During this time Minna battled her downheartedness through song writing and focusing on creating art with her deepest thoughts and feelings. As a result, she came up with
the concept for "Hopeless Romantic" an album that captures the essence of Old Hollywood glamor and classic romance. The W Hollywood Hotel, and at the closing night of this years most recent 2013 LA Fashion Week!

Now that Minna is back to health she is excited to share her beautiful musical creation with the world. She has been working hard in the recording studio on her Pop/ Jazz album "Hopeless Romantic" and making quite the splash performing her new jazz sound at
prestigious venues around LA including Jazz Night at the W Hotel in Hollywood and the Closing Night of this seasons most recent LA Fashion Week! Minna will be throwing her Single Release Party at the Century City Mall in celebration of her first single from the album "The Way to Your Heart" scheduled for release on iTunes this Valentine's Day, 2014. 

LA Music Award Winner, Minna Valentine, has been working diligently in the studio on her retro vintage inspired jazz album, Hopeless Romantic. Minna's voice has a beautifully unique sound for this day and age. Her delightfully rare style will remind you of styles from some of Americas most loved and respected vintage jazz singers from the 1930's, 40's & 50's. Another trait that differentiates Minna from most singing sensations is that every song on her album was written personally, from the heart, by Minna Valentine.

 The Hopeless Romantic album is being produced by talented producer/composer/songwriter, Kosta Lois who has worked with a venerable of "who's who" in the LA-based entertainment industry, including songwriters Jenn Decilveo (Coldplay, Shakira, Akon), Amy Ellars (Timbaland, David Guetta), Fran Hall (Fantasia, Kylie Minogue, Dia Frampton, Rachel Crow), Jaden Michaels (Carly Rae Jepsen, Jason Derulo, Cody Simpson), Nathanial Boone (R5, Frankie J), and artists Carmen and Camille, and Lena Fayre. Lois prides himself on his passion for music and complete dedication to creating perfectly crafted songs that are of the highest quality.

Minna and her production team's ultimate goal is to win a Grammy for this album. They have been working hard in the studio to create a masterpiece that will be worthy of such recognition. All fourteen songs on the album will be recorded with a live big band so you can expect an arrangement that will delight and dazzle the listener with a classic full big band sound.

Being a true Hopeless Romantic, Minna wrote her album with the intent of
bringing back the glamor, elegance, and romance of Old Hollywood. Miss Valentine's plan is to create a beautiful work of art that will stand the test of time as it takes the listener on a journey into her world of love, passion, and romance. Minna's first single from the Hopeless Romantic album is scheduled for release on Valentine's Day of 2014 so stay tuned and be prepared to have your heart touched by Minna Valentine's smooth and sultry voice.
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