Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Actor/Director/Producer & Co-Founder of CineCafe Film Night, IzzyMartinez (@izzymartinez33) on #TheSashaMarinaShow

Izzy Martinez is an up-and-coming filmmaker in the Miami Area. He started his artistic career as a dancer in Phoenix, AZ and performed in various cities including Los Angeles, San Diego and Las Vegas. He moved to Miami for a different lifestyle and began working as a professional actor in the local film and entertainment industry. His major television credits as an actor include "Burn Notice" and "The Glades" in addition to seven independent feature films and over 20 short films. While working as an actor, Izzy studied closely the filmmaking process. This ability to study people and surroundings allowed Izzy to evolve from  actor to director/producer.

This multitalented artist was the Assistant Director for a Spanish Theater Play by the Sociedad Actoral Hispanoamericana, Cleopatra. He recently worked as a Director of Photography for a local artist music video, directed a short action/thriller film (Deadly
Fast) and a Suspense Drama (En Soledad). He directed two theater plays with the same actors Isaniel Rojas and Vivian Morales titled "Charlie" and "Y Si Te Canto Canciones De Amor" He has also acted in various Theater plays in English and Spanish titled
"Brigadoon" with PPTOPA and "El Publico" with Havanafama Theater Company and is
currently involved with a play titled "Las Pericas".

In the summer of 2010, Izzy and his partner developed a concept for the short film "30 DAYS". The project was shot in ten days over the course of a few weekends. The film
was a success in Miami and has garnered several awards.

Izzy Martinez is an award winning filmmaker having thus far received:

    Jetsetting Productions; Excellence in Filmmaking and Directing
    Women in the Arts 2012; Director Revelation for his film 30 Days
    Miami Life Awards 2012;
o Best Short Film of the Year
o Best Short Film Director of the Year

Links to view some of his work as filmmaker:
30 Days Trailer:      youtu.be/l9TVIQfm1XQ
Deadly Fast:           youtu.be/btyLJCMz8js
Vida Tan Bella:       youtu.be/jgetu9dRkKU
En Soledad Trailer: youtu.be/D_iYYR1jKw4
More Than Words:  youtu.be/VXQRcAd72wY

Izzy is also the Co-Founder of a Film Night in Miami, Fl at "La Casa del Teatro." This event is open to the public & Indie Filmmakers interested in a nice productive night out. 

Personal Links:
DEMO REEL:  youtu.be/o2yX1Ac4Xvs

Twitter:  @izzymartinez33 

Tune into Izzy's Interview on 
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