Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Singer, Songwriter & Entrepreneur ANTIQU'E (@ItsAntique) #VINTAGETWANG on #TheSashaMarinaShow!

An upcoming talented musician who hails from the belly of South London, possessing a knack to both entertain and uplift with every note, melody and word. Her name alone is inspiring: The personification of ambition and self worth. Her decision to name herself Antiqu'e is interpreted, in her own words, as “Lyrically Long Lasting Worth”.
Antiqu’e strives to turn negatives into positives, driven by her own life experiences, including the passing of her father and the murder of her long term childhood boyfriend; she has been heavily influenced to reach her full potential in life and make the most of every opportunity. Her main focus is on motivation through her songwriting and vocals. Antiqu'e is an alternative act and when her music is explored you will find there is depth to her sound, covering the vast genres of Acoustic/Indie, R&B, Urban-Pop and Poetical Spoken Word, all in which she infuses into her music.
When it comes to songwriting, her versatility is what helps to galvanize the quality of her music, being adaptable to many platforms and effectively demonstrating she can excel in whichever genre she turns her hand to. Understanding that longevity is best achieved through a connection and the demand of her audience, Antiqu'e works diligently, but yet unperturbed, on the perfection of her craft and her brand.
Her lyrics at times are a surprise, but her art is never an anomaly. Her expression is authentic, which includes her personality, dress sense and aura. As a spoken word artist at heart, not only participating in poetry slams, she has had six inspirational pieces of poetry published in Award Winning Cool Tan Arts’ poetry publication, “Diagnosis Hysteria, Prescription Hysteria” launched in July 2013.

Her creative writing and motivational speaking led to an interview with the BBC stemming from script advisory involvement with the film “Sket”, written and directed by Nirpal Bhogal in 2011 and also gave a personal account contribution in the documentary “Money’s Too Tight To Mention” by Lyrical Healer aired on Sky, BBC iPlayer, Freeview and Virgin Media in May 2013. Recently launched in November 2013, Antiqu'e is featured in the Southwark Advocacy Support Service (SASS) advert which raises awareness of domestic violence and will be running for 12 months in Peckhamplex cinema.
Acknowledgement of her hard work and determination shines through like a beacon upon those she connects with. She has been featured in the BBC online magazine, articles in both her local Southwark News and The Independent newspaper in 2011 and more recently in the national newspaper The Voice after winning a singing competition of which Ashley Walters, a main character in Channel 4’s urban drama series, “Top Boy” and also in US rapper 50 Cent’s’ “Bullet Boy”, was on the judging panel in February 2013.

Antiqu'e is currently working closely with KingZion Productions, Klean Kutz and BeatBakersInc on personal projects of her own as well as acts signed to major labels. With her unique style and energy, Antiqu'e is definitely one to keep a close eye on. The future is bright for this aspiring worldwide entertainer... 

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