Thursday, July 3, 2014

Micah Lee, Director of "GoldRush," a Festival Selected & Winning Short, on #TheSashaMarinaShow!

Micah Lee spent his early years in Georgetown, Kentucky but at six was whisked off to Honduras with his family for his parents' mission work. Then to Texas. Then to Paraguay. By thirteen he was back in Georgetown and had developed a passion for film. This quickly turned into film making in his parents' attic with a camcorder and anyone willing to participate. Editing using two VCRs. This led to filming and editing special occasions for friends and family. In 2006 he packed his belongings into his car and set out for California. His passion for film is stronger than ever and he enjoys all aspects of the process.

IMDb: Micah Lee
Instagram: @MicahsPictures
A young director's first foray into film making. A story about moving from a small town to make it big in California and all the unexpected bumps along the way. A theme that relates directly to actors but also anyone who's struggled with making it on their own. Based on this writer/director's own experiences, as well as those of his lead actor. Shot with a Nikon D7000. Made for less than $100, with the intent of making something minimalistic with available resources rather than money.

GoldRush Trailer:
IMDb: GoldRush
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