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The Cast & Crew of the Latest New York Indie Drama "A Life For A Life" on #TheSashaMarinaShow!

Life is unpredictable. And the violence guns bring into our lives even more so. A young boy witnesses his mother getting shot and years later stumbles upon the killer, a cop, who's a doting family man. With a gun in his hand, will the boy make the easy choice of revenge or the difficult choice of justice? Or will it be somewhere in between where most truths live. In shades of grey.

"Movies have the power to change the world. They are the greatest medium for revolution. And this movie has the potential to make people think about the roles guns play in our lives and what we can do to address that." 
Chandra Kilaru (Writer/Director)

 As of March 23, 2013, A Life For A Life is selected to play at the following Festivals:
Cast & Crew being Interviewed: 

Ato Essandoh, Lead (Boyle)
A police officer who was in a dark place and did a terrible thing. He has slowly gotten out of it and is now a good dad to his 5 year old daughter. But he is heavily burdened by what he did.
Frank Dolce, Lead (Older Jack)
A young boy who witnesses his mother getting killed and years laters stumbles upon the man who killed her.
Natalie Knepp, Supporting (Catherine)
A loving mother who is also an escort working in New York. A kind and gentle woman who decided to use her god given assets to provide a good living to her only son.
Chandra Kilaru, Writer/Director
CHANDRA KILARU graduated with an MBA from Pepperdine University. While doing his MBA he wrote, directed & produced "Stranger in the Doorway", his debut feature, which premiered at the Chinese Mann Theater in Hollywood as part of the FAIF Film Festival. In 2008, he wrote, directed, edited & produced the 15-minute short "A Step Toward Heaven". His latest short "A Life For A Life" is in pre-production, with production scheduled for June 2013. 
Originally from India, Chandra loved movies from an early age, since he saw his first English movie at the age of 7. He currently lives in Los Angeles.
Ramfis Myrthil , Producer
RAMFIS MYRTHIL is a producer, actor, and writer and founding partner in Beast of the East Productions. His mission is to bring the world of film and media closer to an East Coast ethic through human narratives that reflect the deepest passion, integrity and honor. His short film "Love and The Small Print" premiered at the 2012 65th Annual Cannes Film festival. He is the producer of the new show "What’s Cooking in Real Estate" which is currently being pitched to networks and garnering serious industry buzz. Ramfis’ feature film "The Swinging Sounds of Jack Amsterdam" is currently in development. He produced the short films "One Last Fix" (Official Selection; 7th annual Queens International Film Festival) and "Super Sunday" (Official Selection; 13th annual Long Island International Film Expo and Anthology Film Archives’ New Filmmakers Summer Series). Ramfis Myrthil graduated from Queens College In 2008 with a BA in Interdisciplinary studies; Economics and Drama and trained at Jason Bennett’s Acting School in New York City. Ramfis also sits on the music board and young advisors committee of the I Can Still Do That Foundation.

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