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Filmmaker Nicholas Gyeney (@MirrorImages) speaks about his recent Film on #TheSashaMarinaShow!

Nicholas is a Director & Screenwriter from Seattle, Washington to Hungarian parents on July 15th, 1986. Since childhood, Nicholas avidly immersed himself in the world of motion pictures with the indelible influence of his father, Örs Gyeney. Every weekend, Örs would sit down with Nicholas to show him new films like Star Wars, The Terminator series, and the adventures of James Bond. Sadly, the tradition ended in 1998 when Nicholas’ father died tragically. Fueled by his loss, Nicholas started diving deeper into movies than ever before and soon discovered his calling as a filmmaker.
Throughout high school, Nicholas completed numerous short films, with most continuing on to win best picture and best director awards from his school’s film department. At the age of 17, Nicholas wrote and directed his first feature-length student film, which he submitted to the University of Southern California in hopes of being accepted into their prestigious film program. To his surprise and elation, he was not only accepted but granted a full-ride scholarship.
At age 20, while continuing his studies at the USC Film School, Nicholas began work on his first independent film, an ultra-low budget schlock thriller called “The Falling.” The film premiered in Seattle on December 21, 2006 to a crowd of 600 people who gathered to witness the local filmmaker’s artistic endeavor. Shortly after, the film found distribution and began paving the road for Nicholas to establish relationships with many of the industry’s most successful professionals.
In 2008, with USC and his first feature behind him, and after three years developing and sharpening his abilities as a filmmaker, Nicholas wrote, produced, and directed his 2nd feature and first theatrically released film, “The Penitent Man,” which has been highly acclaimed for its unique structure and style. “The Penitent Man” stars Lance Henriksen (Aliens, The Terminator, Millennium), and Andrew Keegan (10 Things I Hate About You), and is available on Netflix, iTunes, Amazon, and other digital platforms.
Nicholas directed his third feature, a dark comedy called, “Matt’s Chance” starring Edward Furlong, Lee Majors, Margot Kidder, and Gary Busey. After a successful film festival tour that garnered critical acclaim and several awards for best picture, acting, and original score, “Matt’s Chance” is now on its way to worldwide release.
As Nicholas prepares his next directorial effort in the coming months, he is quickly establishing himself as one of the top filmmakers in the Northwest.

Official Synopsis: A darkly comedic tale of love, revenge, and the fickle nature of human morality.
Enter Matt, a down-on-his-luck loser who on his birthday night discovers his fiancée, Jessica, in bed with another man. As Matt learns the true depth of Jessica’s betrayal, he begins a downward spiral revenge quest that pits him face to face with a wide array of characters including an eccentric pawn shop owner (Gary Busey), an aging stripper (Margot Kidder),and a barber with an agenda (Lee Majors).

MATT'S CHANCE stars Edward Furlong (Terminator, American History X), Gary Busey (Lethal Weapon), Margot Kidder (Superman), and the legendary Lee Majors (The Fall Guy)!

Awards include:
Best Feature Film (New York International Film Festival)
Best Feature Film (Bloody Hero International Film Festival)
Best Feature Film (JamFest Independent Film Festival)
Best Dramatic Feature (Canada International Film Festival)
Best Narrative Feature (WorldFest – Houston)
Best Ensemble Film (Las Vegas Independent Film Festival)
Best Actor – Indie Breakthrough Edward Furlong (Las Vegas Independent Film Festival)
Best Supporting Actor – Edi Zanidache (Bloody Hero International Film Festival)
Best Actor in a Comedy – Gary Busey (Studio City Film Festival)
Best Original Score – Julien-K (Bloody Hero International Film Festival)
Career Achievement Award – Gary Busey (Las Vegas Independent Film Festival)

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