Thursday, August 14, 2014

Swedish Recording Artist @OfficialMizGin on #TheSashaMarinaShow!

Mizgin Demircan is a Swedish music artist that is making her debut here in the United States with her sexy, fierce music and intoxicating voice, best known for her single "Get U Off". She is turning heads and rocking stages, boasting raw, enthusiastic energy and an electric sound.

A true artist to her core, Mizgin dreamed of hitting the top of the charts ever since she first started singing, writing, and performing as a young girl. Growing up in Bollnäs, a small town in Sweden, the musical scene was limited and she had trouble finding things to participate in as a singer. Nevertheless, she threw herself into everything she could find, including school shows, small venues and local events. For a while she tried taking dance classes but somehow always ended up practicing at home in front of the mirror and creating original moves that felt more like her own style. While she occasionally draws inspiration from others, Mizgin is primarily self-taught and loves adapting and re-creating things into something new and different. She believes that allowing your individuality to pour out of you unfiltered is what makes a successful artist.

Check out her Site:
Facebook: MizginMusic
Twitter: @OfficialMizGin

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