Wednesday, October 24, 2012

College Comedian - Kristin Fenchak

      I was browsing through the web the other day and I came across this "College Life" video.

 I thought of it to be absolutely funny and pretty accurate for the current college kid. So I started searching for the mastermind behind it all, and came to find that it's a 19 year old college that goes by the name of "Kristin Fenchak AKA Fencheeks." She currently has over 5M views on Youtube. Soon to be a viral comedian perhaps as the next "Daily Grace."

About this young upcoming comedian:

 Kristin Fenchak started her youtube channel on a whim at the urging of her friends; she had made low budget comedy videos throughout middle school and high school with a cheap video camera she had gotten as a gift, but never really showed anyone outside of close friends and family. Her senior year of high school she did a low budget comedy about a girl who had a zombie as a boyfriend for her AP english class, and after it received much praise from her classmates she decided that she needed to make a youtube channel. Over a year and a half later she now has a small but loyal following on her channel, in which she usually discusses aspects of college life and other things young people can relate to. Her videos vary from comedy skits, to vlogs, and parodies. She credits much of her success to her friends who have helped circulate her videos, as word of mouth can definitely be attributed to her rise in subscribers and viewers. She also had a video go viral "shit drunk girls say" when she hopped on the "shit girls say" meme bandwagon. She hopes to someday make a career out of comedy, but for now she wants to keep on making videos for as long as possible. Comedy and making people laugh is her passion, and she has big hopes for the future.

     Check her out and let me know what ya'll think. I'm thinking of interviewing her real soon on the show (: 

Facebook: Fencheeks 
Twitter: @KristinFenchak
Youtube: FenCheeks