Friday, October 26, 2012

Hip Hop Artist - Freeze


         "Freezy" (Freeze), born in Detroit Michigan in 1989, is an up-n-coming hip hop artist out of Hartford Connecticut. His witty punches, steady flow, and ability to rip east-coast beats has gained him recognition and the opportunity for a promising future in the music industry.
Freeze began writing in high school as a way to kill time in between classes and free periods. As notebook pages filled up, his fascination grew to the point that he bought his first microphone to take his new-found passion to the next level. To say it came easy to Freeze would be an over-statement and nothing farther from the truth. But he knew the only way to improve was to put in the time, and with improvement would come respect.

       Freeze now has 4 mixtapes behind him as he now focuses on the next step to bring him into the spotlight of relativity. Having worked with Connecticut house-hold names like Marcus Gold, Prestige, Klokwize, and ATV - Freeze looks to build upon his current foundation and following through collaborations and

 Be sure to check out his new mix-tape available now! --->  Cypher Sessions

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SoundCloud - FreezyCT
Reverbnation - FreezyCT
Youtube - Rip32CTY

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Facebook: Tim Cox
Twitter: @freezyct