Monday, October 15, 2012

Author - Blaize Nolynne

Born & raised in the state of Maine, Blaize Nolynne is a 24 year old author of a upcoming 
Fire Fighter book series. 
The first book is entitled "Firefighter Down, District One" She plans to release the sequel in 3 months.

Book overview:

Catisha Spadoni learned that the hard way. No one should lose a loved one the way she did; by an animal…..a crafty, ever changing, ever devouring, continuously hungry elemental animal…….FIRE. Catisha needs to know who opened the cage and why that hateful beast was let loose; and why her hero – her father - had to die.

Years later, Catisha is training to be a firefighter herself. How else is she going to gain the knowledge and understanding of the birth, the life, and the death of FIRE? And, if by chance, this path brings justice to her father’s murderer, so be it.

Twist and turns await you as Blaize Nolynne guides you through the rigorous and demanding torture Catisha Spadoni endures to become what she knows she is deep in her heart - a firefighter. You’ll close the book with satisfaction and an admiration of what our firefighters experience to keep us safe from the elemental animal…..FIRE.

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