Thursday, May 16, 2013

Young Indiana Rapper @KiddDash260

     Kidd Dash comes from a small town, so the support wasn't always there. He experienced a lot of negativity. Then he began recording daily, hours upon hours he began to realize this was something he enjoyed more than just a hobby, and that's when the roller coaster ride began.

With a kid on the way at only the age of 20, he had to get a full time job and move out on his own. Supporting his son and girlfriend, he worked full time, made time for family, and time for his music. Investing into his own home studio, he took his music to the next level. As he progressed in quality, he started getting noticed and ended up creating "Killer Gang Music Group" with Fort Wayne artist Marquet "Quet" Wilson. The two meshed very well and formed a loyal group.

Then, Kidd, came up with his next single "Novembers Coldest" which instantly began the talks. Knowing this song could create a movement, he contacted King-D and Fort Wayne's own sensation Nyzzy Nyce. Linking up with Miles Meyer for the music video, the four artist created a song and video that just about nobody could ignore. After a short while Kidd Dash had started a movement, hope, and a reason for kids to believe in chasing a dream. Going from just a regular "nobody" into an icon that kids are believing in. Team Dash is spreading through the MidWest and Kidd Dash is giving people hope, a reason, to believe.

The objection with this project is to expand his fan-base. Soon Kidd Dash wants to be able to spend more time in the studio, record another video, book a collaboration with a major artist, and to take the Kidd Dash brand to a more national level. Kidd Dash is supporting his family and has been supporting this dream and now that he knows he is not alone, he wants to invite others to help and become an integral part of this dream.

November's Coldest

"Kidd Dash has started a movement, hope, and a reason for kids to believe in chasing a dream. This will make it even more possible."

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