Saturday, November 9, 2013

Interview w/ Makeup Artist, Sally Tsertsvadze Pramraj! @MakeUpBySally #TheSashaMarinaShow #BlogTalkRaio

    Born June 15, 1994 in the country of Georgia to an immigrant mother who came to the United States to live in 1999, a year later Sally followed along with her grandmother.
Growing up as the only child living in Brooklyn, she used to create dresses for her Barbie dolls made out of tissue. Sally was influenced by her mother who used to do hair and makeup which lead her to teaching herself. At the young age of 14 her mother purchased Sally her first pair of makeup bushes. At 15, she started charging her friends and family members. Her big break came when she was just 17 years old, she started doing makeup for celebrities on reality television shows.

  Now 19, Sally T. Pramraj has worked with some of your favorite bad girls in the business like Erica Marie (Season 8) and Judii Jai (Season 7) from the "Bad Girls Club". That lead to doing makeup for America's favorite mob wife, Angela Raiola aka Big Ang from "Mob Wives" along with daughter Raquel and the entire cast for the premiere of "Miami Monkey". 
  Sally has created a tremendous buzz in the business doing makeup for celebrities and now with a few deals being negotiated, she's bound for stardom. She doesn't only limits herself to doing Glamour makeup but she is also known for her Special F/X makeup. She is now the youngest female to become the Key Special Effects Makeup Artist working on an independent horror movie named "ARISEN". She is scheduled to start production in early November. She is the true definition of a real Make Up Artist.

Sally is available for ALL occasions:
 Glamour, Celebrity, Natural, Gothic, Prom, Bridal, 
Special F/X!
Facebook: MakeUpSally
Twitter: @MakeUpBySally
Tumblr: SallyWallyMUA

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