Monday, February 3, 2014

Interview w/ Recording Artist Rob Allen! @IamRobAllen on #TheSashaMarinaShow #BlogTalkRadio

Born in Ft. Lauderdale, FL on August 17, 1986, Rob Allen is the complete package of musicianship and every Recording executive’s dream. Rob can sing, dance, write music, play piano and guitar, as just a few of his widespread musical talents. His star is on the rise, with goals to use music as a means for touching listener’s hearts while spreading a positive message rooted with universal appeal. This explosive entertainer is a forced to be reckoned with on stage, and refuses to let any obstacle stand in the way of achieving his dreams.

Rob Allen’s vast array of musical endeavors were no accident as his father is accomplished musician Roberto Blanco and his grandfather, Ricardo Blanco formed the legendary “Trio Los Condes.” For the past seven years, Rob Allen has crafted his singing/songwriting abilities to cultivate a uniquely soulful, yet exciting blend of pop and R&B music. His early influences include, Michael Jackson, Boyz II Men, Nsync, Brian Mcknight, The Eagles, Marc Anthony, and Bryan Adams just to name a few.

As Rob continues to build his live show resume tearing up stages in New York, Texas, Atlanta, and all over south Florida, his star has merely begun to shine. Coupled with an endearing charm and unmistakable work ethic, its safe to say Rob Allen will be leaving quite an impression in music, modeling, and Hollywood for years to come.

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