Monday, February 3, 2014

Interview w/ Creators & Writers of JEREMY LIN THE MUSICAL (@anapnyc @edelynokano @itsmeaidan) on #TheSashaMarinaShow

The Project:
“Jeremy Lin, The Unauthorized Musical” is a sensational new musical by Aidan Park, Ana Parsons and Edelyn Okano, loosely inspired by the historical rise of Jeremy Lin to NBA stardom.  Our “Journey to Linsanity” tells an inspiring and comedic story of Jeremy’s pursuit of an NBA dream from childhood, through high school and on the courts of Harvard University.  Along the way he fights to surpass racial discrimination, his own personal demons and even a crazy girlfriend…or two.  “Jeremy Lin, The Musical: The Unauthorized Journey to Linsanity” investigates what it means to accept who we really are and travel at the speed of light to success.  The underdog can win and win big.  
Our Journey:
The writing, producing and execution of this musical is the culmination of long-held goal.  Being that all three of us are Asian American, we wanted to write an original Asian American story of someone who was raising the profile of our community in a dramatic and positive way while changing the perception of racial stereotypes that currently exist.
Our very first performance of the show was on May 30, 2012 at the Zephyr Theater in Hollywood.  All proceeds of that show went to support the Love Never Fails World Charity 
( whose efforts include prevention initiatives and the rescue and rehabilitation of child sex trafficking victims around the world.  The sold out work-in-progress performance garnered a tremendous response and with many audience members offering valuable ideas and impressions.  We then decided to hold two workshop performances in San Francisco where we designed a audience questionnaire asking each individual for their critique, thoughts, ideas and reviews – both positive and negative.  After careful review and consideration we implemented changes to the script and music and in addition created a “30-minutes to Linsanity” version when we were asked to perform on the Upright Citizens Brigade stage ( in February 2013 as well as later in the year as part of the Hollywood Fringe Festival.  All performances were sold out and standing room only. 
Who We Are:
Ana Parsons:
Edelyn Okano:
Aidan Park:
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