Wednesday, January 8, 2014

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Realities Number One Funny Man!
Los Angeles, Calif.—“Mock Film Fest ” held their annual film festival  at Raleigh Studios 5300 Melrose Ave Hollywood, Ca 90038.
Johnny Venokur, a native New Yorker, Actor, Writer, and Comedian who is known throughout Hollywood and across America for his sarcastic and satirical wit. Venokur aka Johnny “V”, is well known from the hit VH1television series “Scott Baio is 45 and Single.”Some of Venokur’scurrent work includes principal sketch artist onJimmy Kimmel Live, a new social networking talk show, “It’s All Good” with Johnny V, and “Anger Management” with controversial actor Charlie Sheen. Venokur has a producer credit on “45 and Single”, and serves as the brains and exec producer behind several celebreality series, features and television projects.
Although we knowVenokur for his on screen persona, he has stated that he is most at home on the stage. This is not hard to believe, as Venokur has a character that would surely add life to any stage.
From stage to screen and everything in between,Venokur is a humanitarian and devotes his time for great causes.  On November 10,Venokur  crowned this year’s “Miss Rock Your Curves,” at the Crowne Plaza LAX in support of Breast Cancer awareness. On December 11th, Johnny Venokur hosted The Woman's Image Network Awards 2013.
As a highlight to last years“Mock Film Fest,”Johnny Venokur  screened one of his newest projects,“Johnny V’s Reality All Stars”, during the festival.  Executive Producer Venokur is currently filming his new Reality Series, "Johnny V s Hollywood".

"I've worked with Guil on many fun projects. One of them including shockfest. Last year I had the pleasure of portraying Wolfiend, a character made popular by Guil Claverias YouTube series: "FemVamp". This year I'll be alongside Guil as his trusty kitty Kat sidekick Nieztxhe, a character from his upcoming comic book chronicles. 
Like anytime I work with Guil it should be a blast and I feel lucky to know him. His ideas are as versatile as my actin resume and it's awesome to collaborate with someone so like minded. From acting in movies as a destitute homeless girl to working as a cat for Guil, my profession never gets boring." - Brenna Rhea 

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