Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Interview with Electro Instrumental Artist Tristan Rudat (@TRS151) on #TheSashaMarinaShow

Tristan Rudat couples music and video into a single mode of expression. Heavy beats, heavy bass and introspective melodies create detailed landscapes of sound while telling abstract stories. Immersive visuals synchronize to the music and enhance the atmosphere of both live and studio material.

Video has played a key role in Rudat's career. He directs documentaries, music videos and works with world class bands and DJs behind the scenes developing their tour visuals and supporting their shows. Tristan's video for "Starchild" includes unique time lapse photography and long exposure effects meticulously edited to the song. This tight sync approach has made Tristan Rudat an asset to some incredible teams.

In 2013 Sparrowsongs Music secured rights to distribute 2 singles and 2 videos. Rudat's track "Water" is featured repeatedly throughout season 2 of HBO's THE WIRE. Tristan has also had music and videos featured on ESPN. Now this experienced artist branches out and shares some of his finished solo work in 2014 with a fill length album currently available for purchase or stream worldwide.

YouTube: TristanRudatMusic
SoundCloud: TristanRudatMusic
iTunes: Tristan Rudat / The Music of Alien TV

Tune in to Tristan's Interview on "The Sasha Marina Show Radio"  Tuesday, March 25th at 9am EST!