Thursday, January 2, 2014

Creators of "Miami International Film Festival" @MiamiSciFi #MiSciFi2014 on #TheSashaMarinaShow #BlogTalkRadio

"The MiSciFi founding members have worked together on science-fiction themed independent film projects for years. We have attended sci-fi film festivals as far away as Europe, but have noted a lack of more local festivals that cater to this interest. To remedy this, we have formed the Miami International Science Fiction Film Festival, a forum for inventive and imaginative filmmakers from all over to come and showcase their work. All of us in MiSciFi work in scientific fields, and greatly respect those that want to tell a story that takes science a step beyond. We will have seminars on social media, cinematography, Dean Lyon who is a Visual Effect Supervisor in the Lord of the Rings Trilogy will give a lecture on shooting with VFX's.  "

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