Thursday, January 2, 2014

Miami's Urban Pop-cess @LaLahMusic on #TheSashaMarinaShow #BlogTalkRadio

Once in a while, a musical prodigy comes along and disrupts the flow of the music industry. That prodigy can be found anywhere across the world wherever music can be heard and taken seriously. In the heart of Miami, one such artist has reached a level of stardom that only an artist can fathom, still at the tender age of 23, LaLah definitely portrays the talent to exceed beyond where others dream. With her vocal singing talent, that was inherited from her mother, along with her lyrical skill, which she writes all of her own music is, without a doubt, real predominate in her life. Without knowing which direction God would take her, she just touched it all. Starting with Gymnastics, to technical dance classes, and now her debut, as a young melodic rapper, who's strongly accepted in her home town but is thriving to an even higher acceptance worldwide.
             Always cheerful with a humble attitude and style completely different from most, she is totally setting the scene for being unique compared to others. Giving off a positive vibe to anyone she comes in contact with. Establishing this, LaLah struck into the music industry in September of 2008 and started off developing a large Fan Base at one of Miami’s most elite Magnet High Schools, Dr. Michael M. Krop Senior High, where she received her diploma in 2009. Though being a dancer, perfecting Ballet and Modern techniques within the S.T.A.R magnet program there, it surely hyped her popularity as a performer as well. As she continue to strive to become a hot commodity to any and every one, LaLah became a professional back up dancer for International Pop Star "Flo-Rida", dancer/choreographer for SoBe Entertainment's own Urban Mystic and local R&B singer, Miraj. This tells you that she definitely can "Do It All!"

            That’s right!! There’s no limit to what God has given her. Her genres range from Hip Hop all the way to a hint of Rock. You name it, LaLah does it! She has the professionalism and performance to keep up with the “big dogs”. Her name is more like a musical tone, a sound you sing with rhythm and melody, her style, her attitude, her talents, and her ability to make you rewind her track a second time is unquestionably the reason why you need to check this talented lyricist out for yourself; And, check this! She's all clean! No vulgarity or profane language but still get around to keeping it tasteful. With the buzz she's creating right now and with the local fan base that she has, there is no stopping her reign. With her mind blowing stage prescence, she has the ability to captivate the audience by her look alone. Performances at several festivals and promotional functions for a local Miami radio station, WEDR 99 Jamz and others opening for Flo-Rida, Mario, Elijah King, City of God to Rick Ross and many other acts within their caliber.
            So, maybe with her voice, her moves, and not to mention her writing ability, or just her weird but often compared to the late, Lisa "Left Eye" Lopez, look alone, LaLah’s going to share every gift that God has given her to entertain you. Entertainment with a purpose to gain support and favor of anyone who witnesses her talents, while she naturally and gracefully puts on her famous “LaLah Show”.


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